Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jan 222014

In the days since my last post, Paul’s dark experiences in The Book at Dernier have come to an end. The fifth and final part is now available at the Red Penny Papers, although newcomers are welcome to start from the beginning and experience this horror novella in its entirety.

What’s up next, you ask? What horrors await you now that you’ve escaped the Dernier’s clutches?


Twisted romance.

The people running the site LoveMe.eu are in the market for flash fiction and hired me to write at least three romance stories in the “cold and twisted” category.

These won’t be like my other romance story. I’ll be honest, in my mind, there is a very fine line between “cold and twisted romance” and “horror stories about relationships.” So, on January 24, January 31, and February 7, you can visit my page on the site to discover the sorts of warped stories I came up with.

And if those three go over well, who knows? You could see more twisted romance on a regular basis.

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