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Jun 222015

Earlier this month, I shared a blog post I wrote for Kellan Publishing about my upcoming book signing. This Friday, June 26, I will be at the In Your Write Mind book signing at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA.

I’ll have copies of my three stories available in print:

The Accidental Zombie, my comedy novella about two scientists who accidentally reanimate a corpse, and their misadventures as they try to stop their creation.

While it has horror elements due to the subject matter, it’s primarily a comedy.

Plus, if you visit this site for my video game blogging, you’ll be pleased to know The Accidental Zombie has some video game influences.

Love-Under-the-Mistletoe“A Special Present,” found in the holiday romance collection Love Under the Mistletoe, my Christmas romance about the growing relationship between two elves.

Santa’s elves.

Yes, it’s a far cry from the sort of material I usually write about, just a sweet little story about two toy-makers and their attraction to one another. It’s quite possibly the most lighthearted of all my stories, and the collection includes three other holiday-themed romances.

Wicked-Words-Quarterly-Issue-3Finally, “Rokurokubi,” found in the anthology Wicked Words Quarterly: Issue 3, my yokai horror story about a series of mysterious murders.

I’ve talked about yokai quite a bit lately, due to E3 and the upcoming 3DS game Yo-kai Watch (a series which took off in popularity in Japan). “Rokurokubi” is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Yo-kai Watch. While Level-5’s game is a lighthearted look at non-malevolent creatures, my story “Rokurokubi” takes a bloodier, grimmer approach.

All three books will be available in print at the June 26 IYWM book signing!

Now, because of the book signing and its surrounding events, I won’t be blogging at all for the rest of this week and the start of next week. It might seem especially odd since this comes right on the heels of E3 and all my additional coverage during that.

At the start of July, I’ll be back with my usual schedule, some thoughts on the Final Fantasy VII remake, and the fulfillment of something I mentioned earlier this year…

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  1. Sounds busy-ful.

    Hope you got crowds of adorin’ fans!

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