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Aug 282015

Nostalgia-Two-Worlds-One-SoulAs an Ace Attorney fan, I’m always interested in games inspired by the series.

Nostalgia: Two Worlds | One Soul is an upcoming visual novel with gameplay similar to that in the Ace Attorney and the Zero Escape series, with RPG elements. Its developer, MagnaStudios, also names Mother, Snatcher, Blade Runner, and Brave New World as inspirations.

It is set in a cyperpunk world. The main character is 22-year-old Alice. She was one of 15 children captured for Project Nostalgia, an experiment designed to see if children could contact their alter-egos in other worlds. Project Nostalgia failed, and Alice was released along with the other test subjects.

The story is meant to be dark and mature, with genuine twists and choices that affect the outcome. MagnaStudios also aims to avoid cliches. Gameplay includes visual novel segments, puzzle rooms to escape, and RPG-style battles at key points in the game.


On the website, you can find details about the game, character profiles, and a sample of music. Updates are also posted on the developer’s blog.

Nostalgia is planned for the PC and Wii U. Seems like one to keep an eye on. Share your thoughts and impressions in the comments below.

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  6 Responses to “A New Game Inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape”

  1. “Full Interaction – In Nostalgia, you will be able to interact with almost everything, and each object will have its own, unique description.”

    Well that sounds like a super-welcome change from Dual Destinies.

    • I hope the next Ace Attorney game brings back the old style of investigation, where you got little comments about everything. A simple notification that you’ve found all the evidence in an area would be fine.

      More use of 3D evidence would also be nice.

      • Well, Dual Destinies would handle that notification by… initiating dialogue and moving you to the next area. <_<

        I'm actually a little scared when a game says they feature "escape the room" sequences. Those can be awful if done wrong.
        (Hell, they might be awful if done right, but that’s just me.)

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