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Sep 012015


Rejoice, Ace Attorney fans! The newest Famitsu preview revealed Ace Attorney 6 for the Nintendo 3DS. Details about the game will be revealed in the next issue of Famitsu, and there will be a playable demo at the Tokyo Game Show (September 17-19).

But that’s not all…

Gyakuten Kenji 2 and Dai Gyakuten Saiban might still be in localization limbo, but Ace Attorney 6 localization has already been confirmed.

Ace-Attorney-6-Famitsu-scanA few pieces of information have already been leaked. A scan was uploaded that shows Phoenix Wright, as well as another scan that shows a new character names Bokuto Tsuani, a monk-in-training.

The scans also reveal that Phoenix travels to an unknown country.

This new country deals heavily with the spirits of the dead, so I’d be shocked if Maya doesn’t return.

I’m very curious about the relationship between this country and its monks to the Kurain spirit channelers. The monk is shown with a Magatama, similar to those used by Maya’s family.

Ace-Attorney-6-Famitsu-scan-2It also has a new gameplay element, where a “Water Mirror” on the floor of the courtroom shows Bokuto Tsuani’s face along with words in the water. What this does hasn’t been revealed yet.

This exciting news has left me with tons of questions.

Will Maya return? What about Apollo and Athena? Which supporting cast members will return (*cough*Blackquill?*cough*)? Has the difficulty found a happy medium after Dual Destinies’ too-easy approach? What will the prosecutor be like? Where is this other country?

Dual Destinies spoiler
Could it be the country the phantom worked for?

And of course, since this game’s localization was announced immediately… what about AAI2 and DGS?

While I’m still hoping for an announcement about those two games, this news has thrilled me beyond belief! Share your thoughts on Ace Attorney 6 in the comments below.

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  6 Responses to “Ace Attorney 6 Localization Confirmed!”

  1. …So wot’s a water mirror?

  2. Well, I have my theory on the water mirrors.

    There’s gonna be a murder plot.

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