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Jun 302016

Unchained-X-EphemeraWhile I consider Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ to be a pretty fun game, the story has been somewhat lacking.

If you, like me, are frustrated with the tedious mission-to-mission stories and have clung to the few scattered pieces of the overall plot, don’t worry. The major plot of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is beginning!

Yesterday, the official Twitter account for the game sent out a reminder about the survey they’ve issued to players. If you haven’t taken your survey, do so. Not only can you give your feedback on the game, but you’ll also get 600 jewels for taking it.

But what was even more interesting was that the Tweet included a picture of a scene you might remember from the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 trailer featuring Ephemera (whose voice actor in χ Back Cover also voiced Mikleo in Tales of Zestiria).

Emphemera is one of the original characters of Unchained χ. While that scene itself won’t appear in the North American Unchained χ yet, today’s story update does include Ephemera!

Or… Ephemer, as his name seems to be localized.

Ephemera or Ephemer aside, we now have missions 351-375, where we’ll see another focus on the plot. In particular, they should answer questions about canon players have had. (Like why certain things exist when they shouldn’t yet.)

Best of all, we’re marching toward when the plot really kicks in. The title card appears in Mission 400. Yes, we’re sort of still in the prologue.

Unchained χ may not have the strongest plot so far, but it should take us to some interesting places soon. I’m excited!

Have you been playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ? Are you looking forward to the arrival of the actual plot? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  2 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ: The Plot is Beginning!”

  1. So you thinking about the plot of Kingdom Hearts every day includes wondering when the actual plot of this thing is coming?

    • Well, I read early on that this was when the mission would start focusing more on the plot, so I haven’t wondered about it too much.

      The majority of my Kingdom Hearts thoughts revolve around wondering what happens in Dream Drop Distance, theorizing about what will happen in Kingdom Hearts 3, over-analyzing every tiny piece of the plot I can think of, and thinking about the villains far more often than I should probably admit.

      Plus hoping the theories are right that Kingdom Hearts 3 will include a small section where you play as Young Eraqus and/or Young Xehanort, because that is something, I really, truly, desperately need in my Kingdom Hearts experience.

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