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Mar 102017

The mobile Kingdom Hearts game, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, is about to receive a major update in Japan.

This update will bring a new multiplayer mode and new story missions that sound as though this is the “Season 2” where Unchained χ will split from the story of Japan’s Kingdom Hearts browser game, χ [chi]. And maybe because of that split, it’s also receiving a new name: Kingdom Hearts Union χ [cross].

(Since it’s now Union Cross, I’m not sure if the letter is an X or a χ now. Either way, at least the abbreviation KHUX still works.)

Now, if you want to go through the game completely blind, you probably should stop reading here. If, however, you want to see where Season 2 will take the story and join the rest of us in utter confusion about a certain character, check out the Union χ announcement trailer.

It seems that after the Keyblade War, five new Union leaders will be appointed from the Dandelions. The first is Ephemer, the second is Skuld, and the third is…



This update raises other questions as well. For example, what happened to the new five Unions, since they aren’t around by the current era?

But the biggest question is definitely how Ventus could be around in the aftermath of the Keyblade War.

Is he a time traveler? Are the others time travelers? Is this a Sleeping World, and Ventus visits it while he’s trapped in sleep?

So many questions.

Here’s hoping we catch up quickly to these exciting Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ plot developments… preferably with a little less filler along the way.

What do you think is up with Ventus appearing alongside Ephemer and Skuld?

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