Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jul 242017

Ever since I got into the Professor Layton series, new Professor Layton games have been immediate pre-orders for me.

However, I decided to wait for the 3DS version of Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy in October. Since the iOS and Android version came out last week, that means there will be a few months here before I can play the newest Layton game.

It’s frustrating to know there’s a new Layton game out there that I’m not playing, but it also lets me see other fans’ reactions to it… and so far, those reactions have been pretty good.

I was excited for the game when it was announced as Lady Layton, and the eventual screenshots that showed the traditional gameplay encouraged me, but there were still concerns. It’s the start of a new series. It has a new protagonist. It has a different tone.

Could Layton’s Mystery Journey meet the standard set by the previous games?

So far, the reviews have been pretty positive. I’ve seen a few criticisms of the story not being as exciting (and some complaints that it’s too expensive for a mobile game, but come on) but so far people seem to really love Layton’s Mystery Journey.

I hope I’ll feel the same when I play it in October. What about you? If you’re a Layton fan, have you started the new game right away, or are you holding out for the 3DS release?

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