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Oct 242018

Last week, Level-5 teased the revival of a cancelled or inactive video game project, and it turned out to be Ushiro.

Ushiro was originally announced in 2008 for the PSP. It appeared to be a horror turn-based RPG, and it focused on a spirit that could possess and control people.

Then Level-5 stopped talking about it. In 2010, the official website was deleted.

In 2014, they reported that they were considering new developments for it. Ushiro got a novel series after that, followed by a manga. It seemed like the game itself would never be released.

…Until now, because Level-5 claims it might still be made. According to the interview with Akihiro Hino translated by Gematsu, they still want to make Ushiro. Instead of the PSP, it is now planned as a Nintendo Switch title.

The information is a bit vague, and it doesn’t sound like they actually have it in development right now… but on the other hand, they have ideas for it and they want to make it a reality.

I wasn’t familiar with Ushiro before, but it sounds like a cool idea. A turn-based RPG with horror elements? I’m on board with that. It also feels like some of its inspiration went into Yo-kai Watch, so is there a chance for Ushiro to take those ideas in a darker direction?

Here’s hoping we hear more about Ushiro soon and that the Switch version fares better than the PSP version did. Do you think Ushiro will really be released?

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  2 Responses to “Level-5’s Horror RPG Ushiro is Alive and Planned for the Switch”

  1. The monster in the screenshot and all the red make it look like a Persona game. Maybe they will finish it, it’s surprising what gets released sometimes.

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