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Jan 132020

Is there hope for a Skies of Arcadia sequel?

Kenji Hiruta, who worked as a programmer on Skies of Arcadia, recently tweeted about the new Skies of Arcadia illustration that was revealed. He followed that by tweeting about a chance for overseas fans to win an autograph from Itsuki Hoshi, the Skies of Arcadia illustrator.

In his final tweet about the autograph, Hiruta added, “I believe that if this kind of movement expands a lot, SEGA may consider to develop the sequel.”

Sounds like it’s time to tell Sega we want another Skies of Arcadia game.

This is no guarantee Sega will actually make a Skies of Arcadia sequel, or that it has enough interested fans to get their attention in the first place. However, if it really did get a lot of attention, maybe it’s possible. I’d love to see a Skies of Arcadia 2 happen, especially since it felt to me like the universe left plenty of room for a sequel.

Last April, a Kotaku interview with Skies of Arcadia’s producer Rieko Kodama suggested a remaster or sequel were both unlikely due to the GameCube version being the “director’s cut” of the game (although I’m not sure how that rules out a sequel), but we can still hope, right?

Do you think fan interest will lead to a Skies of Arcadia sequel?

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