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Jul 152015

In honor of Amazon‘s 20th anniversary, the online retailer has declared this July 15 to be Prime Day.

Promoted as featuring “more deals than Black Friday,” it’s a special one-day sale exclusive for Prime members. Not a member? Don’t worry–if you sign up for the 30-Day Free Trial, you’ll have access to the Prime Day deals!

Deals will be available across called categories, including video games. Check in throughout the day, and I’ll update this post with the best Amazon Prime Day video game deals I find, along with other relevant sales.

Amazon Prime Day Video Game Deals

Now here are some eye-catching sales! You can get a PS4 bundled with Batman: Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for only $399.99. I’d go for it if I didn’t have Wild Hunt on the PC already, and even then I’m tempted.

Meanwhile, the price of Bloodborne has been cut to $29.99. I want Bloodborne. It has everything that makes me interested in the Souls games… with Lovecraftian horror themes!

More Amazon Prime Day Deals

The-Last-WishHere’s something that might interest you: some of the Witcher novels are on sale for Prime Day.

(Note that while I never reviewed Sword of Destiny, I read the fan translation and it’s definitely worth getting. Read it between The Last Wish and Blood of Elves to get the most out of the story.)

The remaining Witcher novels don’t appear to be on sale, but they’re still excellent reads. More importantly, Blood of Elves comes before The Time of Contempt.

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  1. Anything on, say, Metroid PRIME?

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