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Mar 192016

Flappy-Returns-With-FriendsThe last time we looked at a mobile game made in the style of Flappy Bird, I joked about the lengthy title. Today, the saga continues with our latest look at a Flappy Bird clone.

This one is also “Flappy Returns,” but to be more specific, it’s Flappy Returns – The Classic Original Bird Game With Friends.

Its game screens describe it as an homage to the original Flappy Bird, while its description promises it’s better than the original.

Even though I never played the original Flappy Bird, I’ve reviewed enough of these to say that it has the basic core gameplay common to all of them. You control a little bird that flaps its wings when you tap the screen. By tapping to make him flap and control his height, you want to help him navigate through as many pairs of vertical pipes as possible.

Each pair you cross through gives you a point, and the main idea is to try to beat your score through repeated playthroughs. If you use Game Center, you can also see leaderboards to compare your score to others. (I am not particularly skilled at these games and have no need to check leaderboards to prove it.)

While the overall premise and gameplay is the same, there is one thing that helps this game stand out from the others, and it’s right in the title: Flappy Returns – The Classic Original Bird Game With Friends. The bird isn’t the only one trying to flap his way between pipes today.

When you start a new game, your character is randomly selected from a variety of different creatures. Regardless of type, they all fly and control the same, although they’re slightly different sizes. Most of them are fairly identical to the standard character, such as what appears to be a yellow bird with bunny ears, paws, and a white tail. Little aesthetic changes distinguish the character models, which makes it feel less like Flappy Bird is sharing the spotlight with friends and more like he’s a cosplayer.

A few, such as the fish, have a more distinctive appearance. Even the fish flaps between pipes, though.

So there you have it. The latest addition to our look at Flappy Bird games, Flappy Returns – The Classic Original Bird Game With Friends, is the homage you should check out if you want basic Flappy Bird gameplay but want to control different characters.

…Or possibly a cosplaying bird.

Full disclosure: I was compensated for this post, however the thoughts and opinions given here are my own.

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  1. Oh. Here I thought it’d be multiplayer.

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