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Oct 212015

Flappy-Dodo-Bird-2We talked about Impossible Flappy, and now I’ve received a request to discuss another game created in the style of the lost-but-not-forgotten Flappy Bird. This one is Flappy Dodo Bird 2.

(The full name is “Flappy Dodo Bird 2 – Best, Better Than The Original Classic,” so right away we have to give it credit for confidence. I tried to learn more about whether or not there was a Flappy Dodo Bird 1, with little success.)

There are two versions of Flappy Dodo Bird 2. One is free and contains in-game ads. The other costs $1.99 and is ad-free. For the record, I played the free version, so if I miss any elements present in the paid version, let us know in the comments.

Its gameplay is pretty close to the original Flappy Bird. If you (like me) never played Flappy Bird, the goal is to tap the screen to make the bird flap his wings and rise into the air. Then, you want to maneuver him through the gaps between the green pipes that extend from the top and bottom of the screen. Since the gaps are small, it requires careful timing and precision. Wild tapping and bad aim will just send him crashing into a pipe and earn you a “game over” screen.

Flappy Dodo Bird 2 is slightly more difficult, because the gap between pipes is narrower. This gives you less room to make mistakes. The bird’s model also seems a tiny bit larger.

As with Impossible Flappy, there is no music in Flappy Dodo Bird 2. You’ll just hear the sound of the bird’s wings, a happy chime when you cross a pair of pipes, and a loud crash when you… well, crash. Some players might prefer background music, but it’s certainly not necessary for this type of game.

Overall, it’s a fairly simple game, best for players addicted to basic Flappy Bird gameplay. I don’t quite understand how fans can play for hours, but there are probably people equal confused as to why I’m obsessed with Ace Attorney. Give your own thoughts in the comments: what makes Flappy Bird clones so popular with so many people?

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a straightforward Flappy Bird experience so you can flap your way past more obstacles, have a look at Flappy Dodo Bird 2.

Full disclosure: I was compensated for this post, however the thoughts and opinions given here are my own.

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  2 Responses to “Flappy Dodo Bird 2”

  1. When I saw you share this post on social media, I thought you were just re-sharing the Impossible Flappy article.

    C’mon, now you really gotta admit this is a crappy gig. You basically reviewed the same game with different names twice.

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