Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Apr 112016

Kingdom-Hearts-Unchained-X-titleWhen I talked about Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ last Wednesday, I said I’d “take a quick peek” when it came out.

And I did.

Or you know, maybe I played it for seven hours.

There is something very addicting about Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, even if the story so far has slowly meandered through Disney worlds without much else.

It doesn’t bog you down with complicated mechanics like a lot of mobile RPGs do. Gameplay is simple, but fun.

The missions are short, too, so short it’s easy to keep saying “Just one more…”

And it also avoids the forced waiting many mobile games love so much.

Like those games, Unchained χ has energy (AP) you spend to play levels, and it recharges over time. Unlike those games, which often make earning energy a pain to encourage you to spend money, Unchained χ is extremely friendly about it.

Early missions don’t cost much AP. Your AP refills when you level up, which is often. You also increase your maximum AP through use of the Avatar Coins earned from missions, which makes it easier to do more missions… and to celebrate the game’s English release, missions cost half the normal amount of AP.

The result? So far the only time I worried about AP was when I tried special event missions early on. Otherwise, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ has been more than happy for me to keep playing and playing…

Just in case it remembers it’s part of a larger story I don’t even want hints of spoilers for, I’ll stop soon.



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  2 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is Addicting”

  1. “Just in case it remembers it’s part of a larger story I don’t even hints of spoilers for, I’ll stop soon.”

    “It doesn’t bog you down with complicated mechanics like a lot of mobile RPGs do.” They do? That seems contrary to what mobile is all about.

  2. Catching my typos as always, thank you Ludwig.

    Maybe it’s just my perception since I don’t play a lot of mobile games, but it seems to me like they just throw everything at you at once. Take Tales of Link, for example. As much as I love it (though I love Unchained more), you’ve got heroes to collect, level up, and fuse together, equipment to collect and fuse together, guardians to collect (and I don’t even know yet if they can also be leveled and fused), experience points that increase the player’s level, LP that must be manually spent to increase heroes’ levels, gald spent to fuse and upgrade weapons, and hero stones used to recharge energy, continue battles, or participate in summons events to get more heroes.

    Unchained has some of that, but it just felt like it was presented better, so I felt more like I was starting an RPG than being tossed into the deep end.

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