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Apr 132016

Tales-of-Berseria-cover-artTales of Berseria will be out on August 18 in Japan, and its cover has been revealed.

Personally, I love how this looks and hope the English box art is similar. The close-up reminds me of Tales of Destiny, which I still need to play.

Berseria will have three pre-order bonuses, at least for its Japanese release. One is a behind-the-scenes look at the game involving the voice actors, and we don’t know the other two yet. (Maybe it will have tiered bonuses like Zestiria did on PC?)

First print copies will also come with a code to download “Special Dramatic Chat: Melon Gumi Chapter,” which sounds like it’s a special bonus skit.

Limited and special editions of Berseria were also announced for Japan.

To go with all this information, we’ve got a new trailer to watch, too! It shares many elements of the previous trailer, but is much longer. That one made me hope Berseria will patch up the problems with Zestiria’s lore, and now I have more reason than ever to believe that.

Let’s take a look.

It might also interest some fans to know that Hideo Baba is not the producer of Tales of Berseria, although he’s still credited as the IP General Producer and the IP Supervisor.

I don’t know if Baba is really to blame for why many fans feel the series has lost something, but it’ll be interesting to see if Berseria feels different without him.

Berseria-EizenAnyway, there are a few new faces in this trailer, including one who was recently revealed as a party member.

He’s a 1000-year-old Malak, a pirate who serves as deputy to Aifread, and he’s known as the “God of Death.” Oh, and his name is Eizen.

Yes. That Eizen.

If you’ve played Tales of Zestiria, you already know a bit about Eizen and probably have suspicions about what will happen. This should be interesting… and it’s another sign Berseria may repair Zestiria’s holes.

See, most of my issues with Zestiria involved the story feeling rushed: character motivations, plot points, and backstory details left unexplained.

Between Artorius and Eizen, we should at least get a few answers. It seems like Zaveid will put in an appearance, perhaps to resolve his loose ends, as well.

And if Eizen is a Malak known as the “God of Death,” could we even get expanded lore on the “angel of death” concept Zestiria never bothered to detail?

It makes me wonder if the writers cannibalized Zestiria’s story to save bits for Berseria… but either way, I’m feeling hopeful Berseria will fix Zestiria’s mistakes. We’ll have a better idea in August, once it’s out in Japan.

What do you think?

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