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Jul 112016

Tales-of-Berseria-ArtoriusTales of Berseria deals with Velvet’s quest for revenge against a “savior” named Artorius.

This premise is interesting for many reasons, one of which is the connection to Tales of Zestiria.

It also raises questions about how Tales of Berseria will fit with Zestiria’s world.

Daemons and Daemonblight, featured in Berseria, seem as though they could be early incarnations of malevolence and hellions. However, while Zestiria portrays hellions as always bad, Berseria doesn’t do the same for daemons.

Likewise, Artorius feels like an early Shepherd, but is presented as an antagonist rather than a protagonist.

The newest Tales of Berseria trailer introduces Artorius himself for the first time and shows why Velvet wants revenge. It has been subtitled by a fan here.

Warning: this trailer contains story content and potential spoilers.

I already like Artorius. Me and my villains, you know.

Tales of Berseria looks like it has the potential for an interesting story. I’m a little wary after how Zestiria turned out, but I want to believe Berseria will not only have a solid story of its own, but repair Zestiria’s worldbuilding.

In fact, the discrepancies I mentioned above could already be a sign of that. Adding depth to hellions and showing an antagonistic Shepherd could be a way to work the twisted (and bizarre) morality of Zestiria into something that makes sense.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the new trailer, Artorius, and Tales of Berseria in general.

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