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Jun 242016

New-Layton-artworkI’d planned to review Steins;Gate today (short version: it’s fantastic, buy it), but my review will have to wait. We’ve got exciting news to discuss.

A new Professor Layton game is coming!

And no, I don’t mean Layton 7. This is a true Layton game.

It will be announced at Level-5 Vision 2016, on July 27, but CEO Akihiro Hino gave a sneak peek of the new Professor Layton game, as well as the new Inazuma Eleven game.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, which was great, is the final game starring Professor Layton himself. As such, this game will have a new protagonist.

Hino didn’t give any details about the new protagonist except to confirm it isn’t Alfendi Layton. (At least they remember he exists… Layton Brothers 2 when?)

Fans have often thought Luke or Emmy might carry on the series. However, it could be someone entirely new.

Hino shared several pieces of art for the new game, including character sketches and locations.



You can check out all the pictures over at Gematsu.

I’m thrilled to hear the main Professor Layton series isn’t finished for good, and I can’t wait until we get new details next month. Who do you think the new protagonist will be? Are you excited for a new Professor Layton game?

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