Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Aug 202018

Yes, I know I still haven’t played A Hat in Time despite backing it on Kickstarter and greatly anticipating it, but I plan to this year.

But in today’s news, this 3D platformer is coming to the Switch!

Fans had hoped for A Hat in Time on the Wii U back when the Kickstarter campaign was in progress, although the developers couldn’t make any promises. Later on, fans hoped for a Switch version. The developers said it wasn’t going to happen…

…but apparently that has changed!

During a special Gamescom announcement, they revealed new “Seal the Deal” DLC coming to the PC version, and then announced A Hat in Time for the Switch.

There is no release date yet.

As for Seal the Deal, it will be given to Kickstarter backers for free, be free for everyone for the first 24 hours, and then cost $4.99. It adds a new chapter, a new difficulty mode, 6 new Time Rifts, and new costumes/badges/etc.

(Oddly, there are reports that the DLC won’t be coming to consoles.)

They were pretty definitive about no Switch version, but I always kind of hoped they’d change their minds. Are you planning to play A Hat in Time on the Switch?

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