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Jan 282019

Nippon Ichi Software has announced a new game for the PlayStation 4 and Switch called Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper.

When it was first revealed, it was a bit unclear if you were playing Jack the Ripper or a detective trying to stop Jack the Ripper, but now the answer appears to be… sort of both.

According to the details translated by Gematsu, Detective Arthur Hewitt is investigating a series of murders in London when he discovers a “phantom” inside himself called Jack the Ripper.

It is a visual novel with choices that will lead you toward either the “Detective” route or “Murderer” route. There will also be sub-stories and bad endings.

This sounds like the sort of game I would enjoy, an investigation-based mystery game that also has this dual personality morality angle to it. Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper will be out on April 25 in Japan. No English release has been announced yet, but I hope we hear localization news eventually.

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