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Mar 132019

Judgment is one of the upcoming games I’m looking forward to the most, so seeing bad news about it is definitely concerning.

In Japan, Sega halted all shipments and digital sales of the game after actor Pierre Taki was arrested for drug use.

He provides the voice and face of Kyohei Hamura in Judgment, captain of the Matsugane Family of the Tojo Clan. There was a similar situation when Yakuza 4 was remastered for the PS4, where a character was recast (and remodeled) after the original voice actor retired after allegations of drug use.

Drug scandals seem to be a major deal in Japan.

In addition to halting sales, Sega’s Japanese Twitter account also deleted its tweets related to the game. So, what does mean for the western release of Judgment?

A reporter for the Wall Street Journal stated that Sega is “discussing what to do” about the western release, and that’s all we know so far. Considering what they did with Yakuza 4, recasting the character seems like their most likely move.

It’s also quite possible that Judgment will launch in the west without dual audio, since a new Japanese voice actor for Hamura would have to be called in to redo his lines. Either way, since the model was also based on him, it might mean Judgment will be delayed.

I’m really looking forward to Judgment, so I hope this doesn’t impact its western release too much. (And I hope sales in other regions resume sooner rather than later.) What do you think will happen?

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  4 Responses to “Judgment Sales Halted; Impact on the Western Release Unknown”

  1. That seems like a poor reason to halt sales, but oh well..

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