Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jul 242019

A demo for Tokyo RPG Factory’s upcoming action RPG Oninaki, which we’ve discussed in the past, is available now on all platforms.

The demo has two modes: “Story Mode,” which takes you through the start of the game (and will let you transfer your progress to the main game), and “Battle Mode,” which gives a deeper look at the combat than what is available in the story demo.

I haven’t finished the demo yet, but I played the start earlier today, and I’m intrigued.

Remember when we discussed the premise of Oninaki and how dark it seems? A world where you aren’t allowed to grieve for dead people and might be killed if your grief prevents someone’s soul from moving on certainly sounds depressing, and it’s even clearer in the demo.

I’m not crazy about the main character yet, but some of my favorite games have protagonists who start out unlikable. I’m interested in seeing where the game takes this grim premise.

Gameplay-wise, I wish it was a turn-based RPG, but the action combat felt fine to me. I also enjoyed the look at daemons, lost souls you bond with to use their special abilities in combat. They have their own skill trees, and it sort of reminded me of Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Oninaki’s demo has already left me with a better impression than Lost Sphear’s did, although I still need to finish it. Did you try the Oninaki demo?

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