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Nov 112019

I haven’t said too much about the controversy over Pokémon Sword and Shield’s removal of the National Dex, or “Dexit” as people began calling it.

This is partly because I’m in the middle. I can understand why fans who care about collecting all the Pokémon or carrying their Pokémon over from game to game would be upset, but I have no real stake in it myself.

(I’m more disappointed about them removing the option to turn off Exp. Share.)

But today, a crazy thought came into my mind: what if “Dexit” is actually canon?

Game Freak has been pretty adamant about their decision not to include all the Pokémon in Sword and Shield, not even as DLC (which would have angered some fans, but probably pleased others). A variety of reasons have been given, but what if it actually plays into Sword and Shield’s story?

Some people have suggested that the Galar region has restrictions on what Pokémon are allowed in. There’s also the possibility that something cataclysmic has happened to remove so many Pokémon.

The missing Pokémon could end up being not only a controversial issue for players, but something significant within the game’s story, either part of the main plot (and the plans of the true villains, perhaps?) or something that would come up in the post game (I could see Looker investigating this). It would be an interesting twist on what has been a divisive situation.

Do I really think the National Dex was removed for the sake of the story? Not really… but I wouldn’t have guessed they’d make both the original games and remakes canon due to multiple timelines, either, so anything is possible.

(There’s no Mega Evolution in Pokémon Sword and Shield, so does that mean they’re in the old universe, not the newer one?)

It’s a crazy thought, but what do you think? Could the decision to remove the National Dex and not allow you to have all Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield actually be related to a plot point within the games themselves? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  8 Responses to “What If “Dexit” is Canon to Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Story?”

  1. Ha, I like this kind of article.

    Reminds me of my own stuff. More like it!

    As for being related to a plot point, I’d hope so. Or at least some background information. Even if it’s not explicit.

    Though I think something cataclysmic happening implies those Pokémon were in Galar to begin with. Perhaps they just never reached it.

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