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Apr 082020

We’re getting ready for the Early Access launch of Eternal Radiance, the action RPG I’m working on, and yesterday we officially announced that it will be available in Steam Early Access on April 14.

Eternal Radiance is a character-driven RPG about a squire named Celeste who sets out on a journey to reclaim a stolen artifact and joins forces with a mercenary named Valana and a mage named Ruby, who are both pursuing the same thief for their own reasons.

I’m the writer for Eternal Radiance, so feel free to ask me any questions you have about the story or characters (or any other questions you might have; if I don’t know the answer, I can probably find out).

The Early Access version will have three chapters available at launch, with approximately 8-12 hours of gameplay.

These opening chapters are the start of the game, and we’ll continue adding chapters as we move toward the final version.

I know, it’s ironic since I typically don’t play Early Access games myself. However, it was the path we decided was best to help us fulfill our vision for the final game.

The full game will be released for the Switch and PS4 in addition to the PC.

A new trailer is available now.

It’s exciting to see the project reach this point after how long I’ve been working on it now, and I’m even more excited when I think about its eventual full release.

As the writer, I’m responsible for the story and characters of Eternal Radiance. If you play the Early Access launch, please let me know your thoughts and what aspects of the writing you like the best!

What do you think of Eternal Radiance so far? Let me know in the comments.

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  2 Responses to “New Eternal Radiance Trailer; Early Access Starts April 14”

  1. Looks cute. Watching the trailer made it look like a cross between Tales games and Atelier. The music was kind of Atelier-esk too.

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