Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Apr 032017

For April Fool’s Day, Sega released 8-Bit Bayonetta on Steam for free.

8-Bit Bayonetta has been available for a while as a browser game you can play on the 404 page at the website for PlatinumGames. This is basically the same thing, just with achievements.

But is there more to it than a joke?

If you look closely at the pictures for the achievements “In the Face” and “High Score,” you’ll notice letters and numbers. When put together, these two images form a URL: sega.com/14111219

(The numbers come from the character’s birthday: 12/19/1411.)

This URL leads to a countdown page, with a timer than ends on April 11 at 8 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT. Behind the countdown, a faint image shows Bayonetta’s heel and ribbon.

The most popular theory from this Bayonetta countdown is that, just like 8-Bit Bayonetta was released on Steam, the original Bayonetta will be made available for the PC at last. Other people speculate this could mean we’re getting a new Bayonetta game, maybe for multiple systems (such as the Nintendo Switch, since PlatinumGames is a confirmed Switch partner).

At the very least, it suggests Sega is willing to give the Bayonetta series a chance again. What do you think we’ll learn when the countdown ends on April 11?

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