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Mar 312017

Warning: it’s difficult to discuss Ardyn in any detail without implied spoilers, so if you haven’t finished Final Fantasy XV yet and plan to, you should avoid this article.

Ardyn Izunia stands out as one of the strongest points of Final Fantasy XV.

He’s entertaining, mysterious, and one of the most intriguing characters in the game.

In my review of Final Fantasy XV, I criticized the way certain aspects of Ardyn’s story were handled, especially since it didn’t allow the player time to build sympathy for him.

I hoped we might get an update or DLC to explain his past in more detail, show whether he really was the “savior” he claimed to be, and give us the true story of what happened to him.

Well, it just might happen after all.

Director Hajime Tabata previously made comments some fans took to mean he’d consider making an Ardyn DLC, but now it seems pretty definite that we’ll get something. In a recent interview, Tabata was asked, “Will you go deeper in the past of the character of Ardyn?”

He answered, “Yes, we do plan on doing something like that.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a full DLC episode. It could just be a clarifying cutscene or two. Nevertheless, it means we’ll definitely learn more about Ardyn.

Now, Episode Gladiolus hasn’t received the greatest reviews (and I’m not enough of a Gladio fangirl to play for his shirtless costume), so I’ll probably skip it. If Episode Prompto contributes more to the story (*cough* and features Verstael *cough), I might play that one.

But I can say one thing for sure: DLC set during Ardyn’s past would bring me back to Final Fantasy XV without a doubt.

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