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May 142021

May 27 is the 35th anniversary of Dragon Quest, and Square Enix has announced a special Dragon Quest live stream to celebrate.

Not only that, but it will be translated live, so we’ll be able to watch it in English as well.

According to the full details translated by Gematsu, the broadcast will have two parts. The first part will feature updates on current Dragon Quest games, such as Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest Tact.

The second part will focus then on “the newest lineup,” to be announced by series creator Yuji Horii.

Between it being the 35th anniversary and the broadcast being translated live, it sounds like they expect it to be a big deal. Therefore, it seems likely that Dragon Quest XII will be revealed (especially since it’s been confirmed to be in development).

A new Dragon Quest Monsters was also announced a while back, but nothing has been said about it since.

It’s also revived hopes for an offline version of Dragon Quest X (the most likely way we’d get it in the west) and ports or remasters of the DS/3DS Dragon Quest games that have become quite difficult to find in recent years.

Whatever they announce, it has the potential to be an exciting event for Dragon Quest fans! (Meanwhile, I still need to play Dragon Quest XI… among others.)

The live stream is set for May 27 at 8:30 PM PDT / 11:30 PM EDT. What do you hope to see announced there?

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  4 Responses to “Dragon Quest Anniversary Live Stream Will Feature New Announcements”

  1. I want Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime to be ported to the Switch.

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