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May 122021

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, and its prequel Baten Kaitos Origins, are two JRPGs released for the GameCube and developed by none other than Monolith Soft (along with tri-Crescendo).

They’re turn-based RPGs, but instead of traditional combat, they make use of a card-based system in some pretty interesting ways.

We haven’t seen anything more from the series after that, but now it’s come into the spotlight once again thanks to fans discovering that Bandai Namco recently filed trademarks for both games in Europe.

I know, trademarks don’t necessarily mean anything. I used to get excited every time a game I wanted to see revived got its trademark or copyright renewed (like Eternal Darkness), until I finally understood that these renewals happen regularly just so that the company can hold it.

However, what makes this one stand out as potentially significant is that Baten Kaitos Origins never came out in Europe.

So despite never having been released in Europe, it’s now been trademarked there. That makes it feel like maybe, just maybe, they’re planning to do something with Baten Kaitos in the near future.

I enjoyed Baten Kaitos, but I still need to play Origins. Beyond hoping for Baten Kaitos ports or remasters just to make them easier for players to get, though, my thought is that any sort of re-release would make it easier to hope for a new game in the series.

The last time we talked about Baten Kaitos, it was in response to the news that a Baten Kaitos 3 was in development after Origins, but was cancelled. Fans were encouraged to show interest in the series if they’d like it to return, and nothing would show interest better than high sales of a Baten Kaitos re-release.

Monolith Soft has a lot going on right now. There’s good reason to believe they’ll make a new Xenoblade Chronicles game, they have that mysterious fantasy IP on their recruitment page, and they’ve also been contributing to The Legend of Zelda. But as much as I want to see a new Xenoblade and the unknown fantasy game, I can’t help but hope they’ll have Baten Kaitos news in store for us as well.

What do you think? Are these recent trademarks a sign that Baten Kaitos will return?

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  6 Responses to “Is Baten Kaitos About to Return?”

  1. I’d be interested in going back to it. I played both games, but never finished either of them (though I have since spoiled myself on various story pieces). Would be interested for sure in a remaster/rerelease of some kind.

  2. Honestly, I’d totally settle for a HD remaster of both games. I’m still up in arms over the fact that Baten Kaitos 3 existed in some form, but was kept quiet until a few years ago.

    Maybe, just MAYBE, the attention from the trademark renewal (and introduction in Europe) will generate enough attention and hype to make a remaster happen if it’s not already in the works.

    From there, I personally think that the remaster (and the subsequent sales) would easily be enough to at least start talks of the legendary Baten Kaitos 3 being made for a modern console. How freaking amazing would that be?!

    I’m probably getting my hopes up, but they’ve been up for years, so here’s to hoping for good developments, and thanks for the time you took to write this article for us!

    • I’d really love to see it lead to something. After Bandai Namco decided Xenosaga wasn’t worth remastering, though, I don’t know how good of a chance Baten Kaitos has… but attention being brought to it thanks to the trademarks does seem promising, at least!

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