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May 032021

The last time we talked about the Muv-Luv spin-off Project Mikhail, it had been announced for PC and mobile devices, and we only had a few details.

Near the end of March, however, a special Muv-Luv update video revealed that the platforms for Project Mikhail had been changed to PC and Switch and that it had been delayed to August. It is possible it will come to additional platforms in the future.

(So if you’re seeing Project Mikhail news and saying, “Wait, I thought that was a mobile game,” that’s what the original plan was.)

Project Mikhail is a mech action game in which you’ll customize and pilot your own TSF. It features both a single player story mode and multiplayer features. A new video released this weekend gave us another look at Project Mikhail’s gameplay, including the ability to turn off damage indicators, fights against a greater number of BETA, TSF customization and upgrades through new parts you get as you play, and the combat itself, which is intended to involve both action-based skill and strategic thinking.

I’m not a big fan of mech games… in fact, have I even played any besides Metal Wolf Chaos? However, I am a big Muv-Luv fan, so I’ll probably pick up Project Mikhail for its story, if nothing else.

Not much information has been revealed about Project Mikhail’s story except that it will branch based on your choices, which is interesting. I’m looking forward to learning more about that and the story in general.

In the meantime, I still need to play through Muv-Luv Unlimited: The Day After, which came out in English this year. We’ve also got a Muv-Luv Alternative anime coming up (although I’m a little skeptical about how they’ll handle the Extra & Unlimited elements), another spin-off called Project Immortal, the conclusion of The Day After, and a full sequel called Muv-Luv Integrate, so the future is packed with Muv-Luv content!

(Haven’t heard anything about the Schwarzesmarken translation in a long time, though… here’s hoping it’s still happening!)

Are you interested in Project Mikhail? I’m a Muv-Luv fan interested in Project Mikhail because of the series, but are there any mech game fans interested in Muv-Luv because of Project Mikhail? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  6 Responses to “Mech Action Spin-Off Muv-Luv: Project Mikhail Looks Promising”

  1. As someone who has never played Muv-Luv, this article has so many words I don’t recognize that my head is spinning. BETA? TSF? Schwarzesmarken?????? I am so lost.

  2. “I’m not a big fan of mech games… in fact, have I even played any besides Metal Wolf Chaos?”

    Xenoblade Chronicles X?

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