Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Apr 302021

Square Enix has announced a live stream about Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier for May 7 at 7 AM Eastern Time.

The live stream will be in Japanese, but the Twitch stream will include English commentary.

I have no interest personally in First Soldier, since it’s a mobile-only battle royale. Nothing about that really appeals to me. However, the live stream announcement says there will also be new information about Final Fantasy VII Intergrade at the end.

Intergrade is the upgraded version of Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PS5, which includes a new DLC episode starring Yuffie called Episode INTERmission.

I’m very interested in INTERmission, but the DLC is PS5-exclusive. My list of reasons to want a PS5 is gradually increasing, but not enough yet to push me into actually getting one. That could change soon, depending what is announced in the months ahead (especially with E3 approaching).

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to May 7 much more for what will happen a few hours later at 10 AM Eastern Time – the end of the Judgment Day countdown. The new footage has become increasingly obvious, so it’s almost certainly a sequel announcement.

Are you interested in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier? Will you be watching the live stream?

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