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Sep 032021

One mystery that has surrounded Lost Judgment ever since it became available for pre-order was that the Digital Deluxe and Digital Ultimate editions included some sort of DLC, but no one knew what.

Well, the DLC has now officially been revealed.

Everything is listed out here by Gematsu. All pre-orders include the Quick-Start Support Pack, basically some bonus items as a preorder bonus.

Then there are three main pieces of DLC: the Detective Essentials Pack, the School Stories Expansion Pack, and the Kaito Files Story Expansion.

The Detective Essentials Pack includes new colors for your dog, four new Master System games, a “Super Shin Amon” fight, and three additional girlfriend options, along with some other items and bonuses. This feels substantial for day-one DLC, and I’m not crazy about extra side content being available at launch as DLC.

(The Japanese website appears to list Tsukino as one of the three extra girlfriends, which makes me hope the twins are returning outside of DLC as well.)

On October 26, the School Stories Expansion Pack will be released with a lot of little extras, like new dance moves and motorcycle parts, and more notably a fourth combat style that lets you use the boxing mini-game’s moves in actual combat.

Making a combat style DLC doesn’t sit well with a lot of fans, and to me it feels strange to release content that would appear throughout the game a month after it comes out.

And finally, the big Kaito Files Story Expansion DLC will be out in Spring 2022, and it’s a side story starring Kaito as a playable character. According to the official details, it will be about 10 hours long.

Since all of these things are described only as being pre-order bonuses with the Digital Deluxe/Digital Ultimate, I got a little concerned that you might not be able to buy them on their own, but RGG Studio confirmed that the Lost Judgment DLC will be available to purchase separately.

I have mixed feelings about the DLC. The story DLC is fine; I’m completely okay with buying DLC for a good side story expansion. And I never care much about cosmetic DLC and minor things like that. But including small pieces of side content, mini-games, and a combat style as DLC feels like a step in the wrong direction.

How do you feel about Lost Judgment’s DLC? Will you be getting it?

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  3 Responses to “Lost Judgment DLC Details”

  1. This does seem very strange as DLC. I agree with what you said: Kaito side story makes sense, but hiding extra side quests and short content behind a DLC seems trashy.

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