Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Dec 192022

The next Kingdom Hearts mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, was supposed to have a closed beta test this year.

(And yes, it seems Missing-Link is the correct way to write the title.)

The closed beta was delayed, and a recent update on its progress also included a mysterious new emblem.

Well, now the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link “Prototype Test” has been announced.

This is not a closed beta test, but a smaller-scale test of the game’s functions. It’s only available in Japan and is limited to iOS devices. An actual beta will follow later.

What’s more interesting to me is the new artwork (pictured here) from the website. This is our first real look at Missing-Link, and why can’t I un-see Bloodborne?

At first I saw a tweet that only had a smaller portion of the art, as well as the game’s logo, and I laughed because the character’s outfit reminded me of Bloodborne. Then I got to see the full art and paid more attention to the architecture, and now it makes me think of Bloodborne even more!

I’m not alone in thinking this, and I’ve enjoyed all the Bloodborne Missing-Link memes I’ve been seeing.

So, what can we take from this key art? Despite the Yharnam jokes, the setting appears to be Scala ad Caelum. A lot of fans think the character standing by the lamp post in the background might be Sigurd due to the similar hat and style.

There’s a lot we still don’t know about Missing-Link. It’s set sometime between KHUX and Dark Road, but that’s about it. We also have that new emblem to consider – a new enemy type, perhaps?

Here’s hoping we’ll have more substantial details about Missing-Link before too long, now that things are finally moving again.

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  1. Of course there’s some weird thing like having the names linked with a dash. Almost surprised it’s not made worse by making it an em-dash or something… I wouldn’t put it past Nomura

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