Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Nov 062023

Last week while we were finishing up our Halloween celebration, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link finally made another appearance.

We haven’t talked about the upcoming mobile game Missing Link since last December, when the key art was revealed.

All year long, Missing Link has been… well, missing. But not anymore!

After the Twitter account was updated on October 26, a new trailer followed on October 30 with a 2024 release window, along with the announcement of a closed beta test for the United Kingdom and Australia.

My first takeaway from this trailer is that Missing Link is beautiful. It looks like it should be a console game. This also looks like the explorable Scala ad Caelum I’ve been hoping for ever since Kingdom Hearts III.

Meanwhile, I’m still somewhat puzzled about how this game will actually play. We can see action RPG combat in the trailer, and the “character pieces imbued with powers” look like how the gacha aspect will factor into the gameplay, as they appear to provide different types of attacks. But the GPS part is still unclear.

Missing Link is a “GPS Action RPG,” which would make me think of something like Pokémon Go, but then the trailer says you can “travel the world without stepping outside.” So it seems like it uses real-world map data, but you can still play from home.

Story-wise, I’m not sure what to make of it either. Based on everything we know, Missing Link takes place in between KHUX and Dark Road. The end of the trailer describes it as “the blank era, one that will eventually be forgotten,” which is certainly interesting.

I’m curious about Missing Link’s story, but I don’t have a good track record with mobile games. I still haven’t played Ever Crisis since the last time we discussed it. Missing Link sure is beautiful, though.

Are you interested in Kingdom Hearts Missing Link?

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  3 Responses to “Let’s Talk About the Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Trailer”

  1. So far this seems exactly as confusing as I expect a Kingdom Hearts game to be. I just hope it’s actually decently playable, still seems quite confusing in… many, many ways!

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