Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Nov 032023

Last night, Voltage announced 3 new otome games for the Nintendo Switch.

Voltage is a company that primarily makes mobile games, but they ventured into console otome games last year with Even if Tempest, and then its fandisc this year.

I haven’t gotten around to playing Even if Tempest yet, but it’s on my list to try eventually. Every time it goes on sale, I feel tempted…

Anyway, Even if Tempest must have done well for them, because they announced three more console otome games all at once. Not only that, but English releases have already been confirmed for them.

The first was announced as Project Code Neon Mafia, set for a 2024 release. It’s bright and colorful, and from the way the trailer introduces its characters, it’s probably the one that’s furthest along in development.

The second is Project Code Kaleido Tower. Also planned for a 2024 release, this one is the vaguest to me from its trailer. My initial impression of it was that it will only have one love interest, the “poisoned youth” referenced in the trailer, but that could just be because it’s an early trailer. Whatever the case may be, the trailer is certainly haunting.

Finally, the one that interests me the most is the third one, Project Code Vampire Hunter. It won’t be out until 2025, but the premise of playing a vampire hunter had me intrigued. It looks beautiful and gothic, and although only a single male character is shown fully, two more characters have bodies briefly appear, so I suspect those will be other love interests.

It’s exciting to see all of these new otome games announced. When I first started playing otome games, it felt like new releases were few and far between. Now it’s better than ever, and my backlog can’t keep up! I can’t even feel disappointed in the 2025 release window for the one I’m most interested in, because I have plenty of games to occupy me in the meantime. (And who knows what Aksys might have in store, since so far they only have a single 2024 otome game localization revealed.)

I’ll probably try to play Even if Tempest before these come out, but either way, I’m excited to learn more about them. Are you looking forward to the three newly-announced otome games from Voltage?

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  2 Responses to “Voltage Announces 3 New Otome Games With a Worldwide Release”

  1. “and my backlog can’t keep up!”
    …When has your backlog ever kept up? 😂

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