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Nov 152023

Back in July, the most exciting announcement to come out of this year’s Limited Run Games showcase was that Shantae Advance was being revived as a new entry in the series.

Originally planned to be the second Shantae game, Shantae Advance was cancelled due to being too ambitious for what the sales of the first game allowed the developers to do.

From what I understand, Risky’s Revenge was written as though the second game had happened, which left some gaps in the story we never got to see.

Now it’s being revived and completed, to be released as a full game called Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution. At the time, WayForward would only confirm a Game Boy Advance release, so some fans worried it might be exclusive. However, it has now been confirmed to be coming to modern platforms as well.

After showing a new trailer in yesterday’s Indie World Showcase, which confirmed a Switch release, WayForward officially announced that Risky Revolution will be released for the Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC after the GBA version.

It has no release date yet, only a 2024 window. (And I tell you, I was holding my breath in anticipation that a February release date might appear, so I’m relieved it’s still unknown. Let’s save some games for the rest of the months.)

From the trailer, it sounds like it has some intriguing gameplay ideas, such as a mechanic where you move elements of the background and foreground and switch between them to solve puzzles. There’s also a new 4-player battle mode. The rest of the gameplay sounds like traditional Shantae.

I’m looking forward to Shantae Advance, and I’m glad to learn it’s coming to other platforms besides the GBA. If I was a longtime fan who had been in the series from the beginning, maybe I’d have gone for it, but as someone who got into Shantae with more recent ports, I’ll be just as happy to pick up a copy for my Switch.

Are you planning to play Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution?

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  1. Super excited by this news, while I was pretty much already on board for the physical GBA release, I know I probably wouldn’t be able to wait for however long LRG would take to get those out.

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