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Nov 172023

Back when the remaster of Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse was coming out, one point we discussed was how it did not include the prelude story.

Teito Moyu, or Burning of the Imperial Capital, had been included with the original Total Eclipse and was mentioned in the Muv-Luv translation Kickstarter campaign, so its absence had us wondering if/when we’d see it in English.

Well, the time is now!

With the official English title of The Imperial Capital Burns – Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse, it’s now available on Steam as a standalone release.

Now, it might have occurred to you that I still haven’t written a review of Total Eclipse despite how excited for it I was. That’s because I started to read it, but found myself sidetracked by other games and never got back to it.

Since The Imperial Capital Burns is a prequel, I’ll probably get it and read it first after all before returning to my playthrough of Total Eclipse. Hopefully that will reignite my enthusiasm for Total Eclipse, as well!

Are you planning to pick up The Imperial Capital Burns?

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  1. Not in 50000 years would I have looked at that picture and thought it was Muv-Luv.

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