Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Dec 112023

We were just talking about Metaphor: ReFantazio because of the Game Awards, and now we have even more to discuss.

Atlus shared a bunch of details during an end-of-year broadcast, and Gematsu translated the information here.

The setting, already showcased during the Game Awards trailer, is a kingdom thrown into chaos when the king is assassinated (and the prince is cursed). The world has eight tribes, each with unique physical characteristics like wings or beast ears.

There are also twisted monsters that Gematsu has translated as “humans,” which at first made me wonder if a different translation would be used in the game, but I looked back at the E3 reveal trailer and there’s a point in there where the characters react to seeing a “human,” so it seems like that’s what it is.

I found the story details a little difficult to follow, because the protagonist sets out on a quest to break the death curse on the prince, but then it says he joins the magical race for the throne, so I’m not entirely sure if the protagonist is actually trying to get the throne or if he just gets mixed up in it while trying to save the prince.

Anyway, the new information also covers the combat we saw in the trailer. The core combat system is turn-based, but you’ll be able to defeat weak enemies on the field with action gameplay.

(Which sounds similar to what Trails Through Daybreak did, so expect to see that comparison a lot.)

Metaphor: ReFantazio will include daily life mechanics that are said to be evolved compared to those in Persona and will create a “realistic daily life experience as if you were actually planning a journey,” as well as multiple bases across the world to travel between. I’m not quite sure what that first part means, but I’m curious.

I have to admit, when they showed this game at E3, I thought it was a lot closer to Persona than it is. I’m really intrigued by the world and story now! It still seems like the real world has some connection – maybe with the “humans”? – but the fantasy setting is a lot more pronounced.

Anyway, it’s still a fair way off, set for a fall 2024 release, but I’m looking forward to Metaphor Re:Fantazio. What do you think about the latest details?

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  1. The game looks really intriguing and I am curious about how they will balance being persona-like with being an original experience. I look forward to more info before deciding if this is a must-buy for me, but at least I have time before it comes out!

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