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Mar 182019

We’ve talked a few times now about Destiny Connect, an upcoming turn-based JRPG that features time travel… and apparently it started out as quite a different game.

According to an interview translated by Siliconera, Destiny Connect was originally planned to have a scarier atmosphere, more like a horror game.

It would follow a girl who entered a dream-like world and met a robot there. Instead of involving time travel, it would be more of an adventure, and “the world would slowly break down like in Alice in Wonderland.”

This might explain why there are no side quests, as we discussed last time, since the original vision for the game was so different.

Actually, the characters journeying through a dream-like world with a horror atmosphere sounds pretty interesting to me. I almost wish they had stuck with that version. What do you think of Destiny Connect and its original premise?

(And speaking of horror JRPGs, I wonder when we’ll hear more about Ushiro…)

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Mar 042019

Last month, we talked about an upcoming turn-based JRPG called Destiny Connect.

Now, thanks to an interview from Gematsu with the game’s director Yoshihiko Toda, we have some more information about it.

Destiny Connect is focused on Clocknee Town. I thought it might begin there and then the characters would journey to other places, but it sounds as though exploring the town through different eras of time is the main focus.

It will take about 20 hours to complete, and there aren’t any side quests.

That disappoints me a little. A good story is what I want the most, but side content can be a lot of fun. Especially if this game takes place in and around a single area, I’d hoped for some side quests to add more variety. It sounds like they’re aiming for a very plot-focused game instead.

The interview also goes into detail about the art style and a little bit about the turn-based combat system, and finally, there is a tease that it might be localized.

I have to admit, I’m less excited about Destiny Connect than I was before this interview, although it still looks cute. What do you think about the latest information?

In other news, KH Insider has a translation of the new Ultimania interview with Nomura, so check that out if you’ve finished Kingdom Hearts 3.

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Feb 082019

Last year, Nippon Ichi Software announced a new turn-based JRPG for the PS4 and Switch called Destiny Connect.

Described as having the atmosphere of a SNES-era JRPG, Destiny Connect is a time travel story about a girl and her friends traveling to the past after time suddenly stops in the town of Clocknee.

Since then, they’ve revealed a fair amount of details and some brief gameplay footage, as well as a recent trailer.

The art style is unusual, but I think it’s cute. Overall, the game’s aesthetic has grown on me the more I’ve seen of it.

It’s due out on March 14 in Japan, with no localization news yet, but I hope we hear something soon. What do you think about Destiny Connect?

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