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May 132019

After Hideo Baba left Square Enix, we wondered what would happen to Project Prelude Rune – and it doesn’t look good.

The short teaser trailer shown amidst a flurry of other exciting news last September has been removed from Youtube. The website for Studio Istolia simply redirects to Square Enix’s main site, and its social media accounts are gone.

While it’s possible they’re rebranding Project Prelude Rune, it seems unfortunately likely that both it and the studio making it are no more.

Baba said his departure was part of “the change in Studio Istolia’s management policies,” which could mean plans to disband the studio were already in effect back then. On the other hand, they might have scrapped the game since he was no longer there to make it.

We hadn’t seen much from Project Prelude Rune, just some concept art and a few seconds of gameplay, but I was interested in it. Now we’ll never know what it could have been.

(Here’s hoping things go better for the other two mysterious JRPG projects we’ve seen little from, Atlus’s Project Re Fantasy and Monolith Soft’s unknown fantasy game.)

Now, today I was going to write up a review of a certain notoriously difficult RPG, but after seeing an article from Twisted Voxel on the fate of Project Prelude Rune, I decided to follow up on that first since we’d discussed the game in the past. Stay tuned on Wednesday for the intended review!

How do you feel about the cancellation of Project Prelude Rune? Do you think there is any chance of this game being revived in the future?

Update: Square Enix has now confirmed the cancellation of Project Prelude Rune and closure of Studio Istolia.

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Apr 082019

A few times now, we’ve talked about Project Prelude Rune, an upcoming JRPG from Square Enix’s new Studio Istolia.

Studio Istolia was established when Hideo Baba, known for his work as a producer of the Tales series, left Bandai Namco and joined Square Enix.

Their first game was announced under the code name Project Prelude Rune and was eventually confirmed to be a PS4 title.

However, last week Hideo Baba announced that he had resigned as head of Studio Istolia in December and left Square Enix at the end of March. He left as part of “the change in Studio Istolia’s management policies.” What exactly that means is unclear.

What does this mean for Project Prelude Rune? Since it hasn’t been cancelled, it sounds as though work on it may continue without Baba.

I’m still looking forward to what Project Prelude Rune will become, but I was hoping for a chance to see Baba’s work outside of the Tales series for a better idea of whether or not he deserves the criticism he gets for recent Tales games (until Berseria, which he did not serve as producer for).

Aside from that, it also makes me wonder if something is happening at Square Enix. Tabata left alongside the cancellation of the remaining Final Fantasy XV DLC, now Baba left, and Hiroaki Iwano of the Million Arthur series (which I’m not too familiar with) announced his departure last week as well.

Square Enix has been restructuring its business divisions, so maybe that is related.

What do you think will happen to Project Prelude Rune? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Sep 102018

I was planning to review King’s Quest VI today, but I woke up to such an explosion of video game news, we need to cover that first.

Not too long ago, we heard news that the development team behind the Yakuza series was working on a new IP, and today they announced Project Judge. Not only that, but it’s already been confirmed for localization in 2019.

Project Judge looks a lot like a Yakuza game, except it follows an ex-lawyer who becomes a private detective.

From the story trailer, it looks like it will have an intense main story, and the gameplay trailer also teases the sort of wacky sub-stories found in the Yakuza games. It also features investigations, since you’re playing a detective.

All in all, the two trailers made Project Judge one of my new most-anticipated games. It looks fantastic!

Square Enix also came out with a ton of exciting news today.

First, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is being remastered for the Switch and PS4. I played the original Crystal Chronicles on the GameCube, but I never finished it. I’ve actually been thinking about it lately, so this remaster is great news.

Even more exciting, they released a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer that shows the Big Hero 6 world for the first time, along with some tiny story teases.

And this isn’t even the full trailer! Apparently an extended version is coming on September 18.

Finally, Square Enix also showed the first teaser trailer for Project Prelude Rune, which we just discussed recently. While it starts with concept art, it also includes a short glimpse of the game and a character who is presumably the protagonist.

And moving on from Square Enix, Bandai Namco revealed the release date for Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition. It will be out on January 11, 2019.

I was hoping for a 2018 release date, but this is fine (although a bit too close to Kingdom Hearts). A special edition will also be available.

There was a lot more news besides this, but these are the highlights that stood out to me. What do you think?

And for some personal JRPG news, don’t forget to support Destiny Chronicles, our action RPG currently on Kickstarter!

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