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Mar 272015

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the Tales series, which began in 1995 with Tales of Phantasia in Japan. Bandai Namco’s 20th Anniversary celebration includes the release of Tales of Zestiria, my most anticipated game this year.


Tales of Zestiria came out in Japan on January 22, and it’s due out in the West sometime this summer. It is considered a tribute to the series’ history and described as a return to Tales’ roots.

I’m still a newcomer to the Tales series. Watching the Tales anniversary video made my video game backlog cry out in pain.

So far, Tales of Xillia is the only game in the series I’ve completed. I loved it so much I decided to play the rest of the series, starting with Tales of Symphonia.

Tales of Symphonia is shaping up to be my favorite game.


So, newbie or not, Tales news gets me pretty excited. But in addition to the impending release of Tales of Zestiria, Bandai Namco promised “massive surprises” to celebrate the anniversary with.

Massive surprises? What could they be? My hopes range from the plausible (Western release of a previously unlocalized title or a new compilation) to the highly unlikely (here is your Symphonia prequel!), but as long as they aren’t Japan-exclusive, I’m excited to learn more about these “massive” Tales surprises.

What do you hope they are?

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