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Aug 212015


As announced back in April, Level-5’s hit 3DS game Yo-kai Watch is coming West. On Wednesday, Nintendo revealed the release date: November 6.

I’m pleased the release date isn’t far off, because I’ve been excited for a while about this one. An RPG with inspiration from Japanese mythology, created by the developer of some of my favorite games? Sign me up!

Yo-kai Watch became huge in Japan (it’s even getting a Just Dance game), and the franchise is coming West:

  • November 3 – the manga is launched
  • November 6 – the first game comes out for the 3DS
  • Fall (uncertain date) – the anime airs on Disney XD
  • January – toy line is introduced

We were worried Yo-kai Watch wouldn’t be localized, but it’s clear Level-5 hopes to take North America and Europe by storm. Yet despite all these plans, people still seem unclear about what Yo-kai Watch is.

It’s not a Pokémon clone. Here’s a helpful guide from someone who has played the Japanese games. Not all of the features mentioned are in the first game, but it should give you a better idea of the series’ style.

If that isn’t enough, why don’t we re-watch the Nintendo Treehouse footage?

Rather than a variation on Pokémon, it looks like a fun RPG in its own right. I’m looking forward to Yo-kai Watch. Are you? If you share my confidence, you can pre-order it before November.

And don’t forget to check out my horror story “Rokurokubi,” found in Wicked Words Quarterly, if you’d like a darker look at yokai.

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