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Jan 042016

ScaleboundToday, PlatinumGames announced that Scalebound, the Xbox One action RPG first shown at E3 2014 (as part of Microsoft’s triumphant redemption), has been delayed until 2017.

Scalebound was previously announced for 2016 (“holiday 2016,” so this might not be a big delay), but they need additional time to ensure the game meets their vision.

Some people are disappointed, frustrated, or even angry over this delay, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s fine. I’d rather a great delayed game than an unpolished or unfinished one. (In light of the Aviary Attorney ending fiasco, I think most people agree.)

And PlatinumGames has a lot to handle right now: not only Scalebound, but also Star Fox Zero, Project Guard, Nier: Automata, and possibly a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game (rumored). They shouldn’t rush to cram everything in.

The holiday season might not be a good release time for them, too. There will probably be a lot of big competition, and Platinum’s games often have small sales to begin with.

I’m not 100% convinced by Scalebound yet, but I’m happy they’re taking extra time to make it great. I love RPGs, and my great love for Bayonetta and its sequel is enough for me to keep my eye on the game.

Platinum also promised to share more information about Scalebound this year, and I can’t wait. Hopefully we’ll see some new scenes that make the protagonist look more likable than he was in the Gamescom footage.

How do you feel about the Scalebound delay?

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  9 Responses to “Scalebound Delayed to 2017 (and That’s Fine)”

  1. I don’t feel anything about it.

  2. …More substantively, didn’t know about the Avian Attorney thing. Now I do. (…I might want to commentate on it actuallllyyy.)

    Sort of weird how you were talking about it in earlier articles and now that it’s out you’ve been silent.

    • I only mentioned Aviary Attorney in a couple other articles, never a direct focus. Since I was a Kickstarter backer, I intended to play it shortly after it came out and then post a review here… but then I heard about the ending and decided to wait.

      Like everyone else, I didn’t think it would be this long of a wait.

        • Delaying the game would have been a much better decision. It’s getting negative reviews because of this.

          • Apparently if they didn’t get cash before the end of the year their whole business would collapse.

            • Hmm. In that case, I understand more… but many people feel they should have used the “early access” feature then for its Steam release. I’m not a big fan of early access, but it would prevent the accusations of dishonesty.

              • I’m not a big fan of early access either, and then maybe we’d be writing an article about their usage of early access for the unfinished game insteaaaad.

                Dishonesty? Did they state it was finished before releasing?

                • True…

                  Well, the message sent to Kickstarter backers mentioned the last ending wasn’t finished, and that they would have it ready within the next 2-3 days (which didn’t happen).

                  People’s concerns were more with the Steam release. Many people assume any non-Early Access release on Steam is a finished game, so they bought it without realizing. The warning WAS on the Steam page, though I’m not sure if it was there originally–the announcement on the community page came out one day after the game. The accusations of dishonesty were probably fueled in part by paranoia of Kickstarter games.

                  However, the ending has now been added, so hopefully the controversy will fade!

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