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Aug 222016

Final-Fantasy-XV-Ardyn-and-partyToday, several of the English voice actors for Final Fantasy XV were revealed.

  • Noctis is voiced by Ray Chase, who has been in several other things, including Xenoblade Chronicles X as L.
  • Ignis (my favorite party member so far) is Adam Croasdell, who isn’t in anything else I’m familiar with, but sounds good as Ignis.
  • Prompto is Robbie Daymond, whom I know best as Sorey in Tales of Zestiria.
  • Gladio is Chris Parson. He isn’t in anything I’ve played, but he’s Junkrat in Overwatch.
  • King Regis is Jim Pirri in the game, who I’m also not familiar with.
  • Luna is Amy Shiels in the game (and I’m not familiar with her past roles, either).
  • Cor is Matthew Mercer, who has done many voices, including McCree (Overwatch), Lao (Xenoblade Chronicles X), Alvin (Tales of Xillia), and Henry (Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask).
  • Ardyn is Darin De Paul, who is yet another Overwatch character (playing Reinhardt) and sounds like he’ll be fantastic in this role.
  • And finally, Aranea is voiced by Kari Wahlgren, whose numerous voice credits include Raine from Tales of Symphonia, Shelke from Dirge of Cerberus, and many other roles.

A special new trailer introduces these voice actors (except for Kari Wahlgren) and has them give their thoughts on the characters.

There are several characters whose voice actors we still don’t know, including some of the villains, but I’m happy with what we’ve seen of the cast.

(Not that I get too worked up over voice acting… I’d never survive Baten Kaitos if I did.)

What do you think about the newly-revealed English voice actors for Final Fantasy XV? Who is your favorite so far?

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  4 Responses to “Final Fantasy XV English Voice Actors Announced”

  1. On the whole, it seems the English casting is really well done! Sadly, though, I think Ignis and Gladio are way too old and gruff, respectively, for their characters. Gladio’s I can give a pass to, but Ignis’ just rubs me the wrong way.

    I’m hoping that we’re still on track to getting the Japanese audio as well, even if it’s a downloadable add-on at launch. Minor characters with meh acting I can deal with without issue, but two of four characters not hitting it right (to me, anyway) makes it tough to plod through dozens of hours with them. Thanks to things like Brotherhood and trailers over the years, I’ve already become pretty attached to the Japanese cast, which all seem pretty great. All I’m hoping for is the option.

    Glad to see you dig them, though!

    • In general, those two strike me as older than their official ages. I don’t mind Ignis’s voice–it’s a little odd, but it seems to fit his character to me.

      I know Tabata at least said he wanted to include the Japanese audio, so there’s a good chance it’ll have dual audio one way or another.

  2. “(Not that I get too worked up over voice acting… I’d never survive Baten Kaitos if I did.)”

    You did enough to write about it, so…

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