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Jan 222018

I love RPGs, especially JRPGs. This is no secret.

But there’s one style of RPG I’ve never really gotten into: DRPGs. Dungeon crawling RPGs often seem to have a lessened emphasis on story and character development, which are the main things I play RPGs for. Instead, they focus on exploring dungeons (obviously).

Last year, I played my first DRPG, Mary Skelter, to review it for MonsterVine. I actually enjoyed it a lot, especially because it does have a story with some interesting features.

Still, the longer I played, the more tedious it felt to go through floor after floor of the maze-like dungeons.

At first, I found the exploration fun, but eventually I got tired of dead ends, branching paths, and even more rooms to check for items, and I just wanted my exploration to have a more meaningful payoff. Yet it seems like this sort of exploration is what DRPG fans like.

On the other hand, some people describe Severed as a DRPG, and that game was fantastic. And I keep glancing at Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux even though it’ll probably have these mazes.

So for those of you who have played a lot more DPRGs than I have, what do you think? Is it just not the genre for me? Are there specific ones I should give a try? Do some have great stories and non-tedious exploration?

(Side note: are the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games considered DRPGs?)

Let me know in the comments! Also, thank you to everyone who has supported Ascendant Hearts so far!

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  5 Responses to “My Uncertainty About DRPGs”

  1. “(Side note: are the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games considered DRPGs?)”

    I believe they are.

    I didn’t play many of them myself. Chocobo’s mysterious dungeon is supposed to be fun, I tried a little of it, the voice acting and childish scenes were off-putting but the gameplay seemed nice. To be honest, I’m not too sure what games are counted, some people seem to count games that other people wouldn’t.

    • I’m going to try one of the Mystery Dungeon games eventually, so I guess I’ll see then if they have the same sort of feel as Mary Skelter.

      Yeah, like I mentioned in the post, I’ve seen people call Severed a DRPG, but it seems completely different than others. Usually I see it described as action-adventure or metroidvania.

  2. I didn’t reply to this right away because I haven’t heard these referred to as “DRPGs” before, just “rogue-likes” and I wanted to figure out if there is a distinct difference and I don’t know if there is since hardly anyone says “DRPGs”.

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