Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Apr 092018

In December 2016, we learned there was going to be a new Wild Arms game… for mobile devices.

It was announced as a reboot featuring a new story, with the original Wild Arms staff working on it despite it being developed by Wright Flyer Studios.

The trailer showed characters from across the series, which implied it could be a crossover game.

Now we finally have more details.

The Wild Arms mobile game is titled Wild Arms: Million Memories. Like we suspected, it features characters from throughout the series.

So, what about the original Wild Arms staff? Wild Arms: Million Memories is being overseen by Akifumi Kaneko, the designer for the original Wild Arms games. He is also credited as the scenario writer for Wild Arms 2 and 3, and the screenplay writer for Wild Arms 4.

That’s good news, at least. It doesn’t appear as though other staff members have been announced yet.

The official website includes a sample of the theme song, “Million Memories,” which sounds nice enough, although not particularly what I’d associate with Wild Arms.

I’m not sold on Wild Arms: Million Memories, but at least they’re trying something with the IP. Maybe this will be the first step before they make a full Wild Arms game again. Or maybe this will even be a decent game on its own, like our soon-to-be-lost Tales of the Rays.

What do you think about Wild Arms: Million Memories and the future of the Wild Arms series?

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  10 Responses to “First Details About the Wild Arms Mobile Game”

  1. Not going through the series via mobile. Nope.

  2. For some reason I thought it was going to be the first one with better graphics.

    • They already did that for the PS2, didn’t they? But another remake might have been better, depending on how this turns out.

      • They sure did. I never played it though, I didn’t like the look of it. I’d be willing to buy it on phone if it was 2D like the original. It feels like it loses some of the original flavour when they make a game that was 2D into 3D instead.

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