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Jul 062018

Considering my love for mad scientists, maybe it’s no surprise that my first BL visual novel would be something called “Dr. Frank’s Build a Boyfriend.”

Dr. Frank’s Build a Boyfriend follows a mad scientist named Dr. Frank, who devotes himself to the typical sorts of Frankenstein-style experiments you’d expect.

Then his boyfriend steals his research to present as his own, and Dr. Frank comes up with the only logical revenge: building the world’s best boyfriend!

If you haven’t guessed, this game doesn’t take itself too seriously.

As Dr. Frank prepares his dubious revenge, with his poor assistant Iggs helping out despite his better judgment, they go from one absurd situation to another. Digging up graves while hoping no one sees, dealing with the fact that the monster considers Dr. Frank to be his father, finding a replacement arm when they lose one…

While it’s mainly a visual novel, it’s a bit of an adventure game hybrid as well, with a few sections that let you explore Dr. Frank’s house to find the items you need. It has a nice built-in hint system where you can ask Iggs for advice if you get stuck.

There’s plenty of humor in these sections as well.

Dr. Frank is a funny (and often immature) character, but there’s also a serious message beneath all the silliness as his character develops.

This visual novel was cute and a couple parts made me laugh out loud. The only downside is that it’s pretty short. It took me a little over an hour to get both endings. On the other hand, it’s also free, so it’s hard to complain.

If the developer ever makes a sequel to Dr. Frank’s Build a Boyfriend, I’d be happy to see where this dubious mad scientist’s journey takes him next.

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  4 Responses to “Dr. Frank’s Build a Boyfriend is Cute and Hilarious”

  1. That does look amusing. Him being called ‘Dr Frank’ makes me think the name could have been inspired by The Rocky Horror show.

  2. […] was that it’s by Heiden, the same developer who made Dr. Frank’s Build a Boyfriend, which I really enjoyed. A New Don isn’t nearly as funny and lighthearted as that one, although it does have some […]

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