Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Sep 212018

Our Kickstarter campaign for Destiny Chronicles is still ongoing, and I recently wrote a tie-in story about one of the supporting characters.

Titled “Enchanter: Rhea’s Quest,” it is a short fantasy story.

Rhea, whom we introduced in this campaign, will appear in the game as a side character who can enchant your gear to give it special bonuses.

Before the events of the game, however, Rhea dreamed of becoming a combat mage. This story focuses on her backstory.

It’s just a short glimpse into the world of Destiny Chronicles, but I thought it was a nice touch to give this side character more of an introduction, as well as to show more of the story and world in general.

You can find it here, as a PDF file included in our latest update. I hope you enjoy it!

And if you enjoy “Enchanter: Rhea’s Quest” and also like JRPGs, please consider supporting Destiny Chronicles on Kickstarter and spreading the word.

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  4 Responses to ““Enchanter: Rhea’s Quest” is a Short Story in the World of Destiny Chronicles”

  1. Instructor Fartham, eh…? *giggle*

    Well, getting to the end of the story explains your description here of who Rhea is and why she’ll play the role that she will in Destiny Chronicles. And makes me wonder more about who Thomas is and what role he’ll play. So… yeah, good work.

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