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Oct 102018

Today’s post isn’t quite a review, because I already reviewed The Darkside Detective for Nintendo Chit Chat.

But in keeping with the season, I’d like to celebrate this humorous point-and-click adventure game. It follows a detective who investigates supernatural cases, and it won me over with its humor.

Yes, while it’s definitely spooky, it’s not scary. If you prefer the more lighthearted side of Halloween, check it out!

The Darkside Detective features 6 cases, plus 3 bonus cases that were added for free after the game’s launch. Each is a mini investigation into some sort of supernatural event, usually full of parodies, references, and wacky dialogue.

Right now, the developers are running a Kickstarter campaign for a sequel, which will be released on the PC/Mac/Linux and Nintendo Switch. The sequel will also have 6 cases.

They met their main Kickstarter goal, and now they’re aiming for their first stretch goal: an anthology case focused on other characters. There’s just under 48 hours left in the campaign.

Anyway, although we focus a lot on horror for Celebrating All Things Spooky, we do take some time for comedies that fit the theme, so I had to highlight The Darkside Detective. I enjoyed the original game and its bonus cases a lot, and I’m looking forward to the sequel.

Don’t forget to check out my full review!

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