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Nov 142018

The Game Awards 2018 takes place on December 6 at 8:30 PM, and the nominees have been revealed.

Not only that, but it will reportedly have their “biggest lineup yet in terms of new game announcements.”

I don’t watch The Game Awards as intently as I do something like E3, but I usually at least tune in to see what’s going on. When I first started watching, it… wasn’t great. But it’s gotten better over the years, even if a lot of the world premieres are new trailers for already-announced games.

(When I first started watching, I assumed a “world premiere” would be a new game announcement, so it disappointed me.)

Last year, I went to sleep right ahead of the Bayonetta 3 announcement and therefore missed what would have been the most exciting part of the show for me. Maybe this year I’ll stay for the whole thing… just in case.

With that said, while I’m always hoping for exciting new announcements, this would be a great time to finally show off a new Bayonetta 3 trailer.

I still haven’t played a lot of the games nominated for awards this year, and poor Xenoblade Chronicles 2 didn’t get a nomination despite coming out too late to qualify last year, but I can at least root for… uh… Is The Missing the only nominated game I’ve played??

All right, maybe I can play at least one more of the nominees I own before December hits…

Are you looking forward to the Game Awards this year? Will you vote for the nominees you think deserve the awards?

(So… I remember thinking yesterday that I had today’s blog post topic all ready to go, but I have no idea what it was. This rather short Game Awards article is its replacement.)

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  7 Responses to “Big Lineup of Announcements Teased for The Game Awards 2018”

  1. Hey Sam, I’m not as active as I want to be on the site BUT I would like to say thank you.
    I really appreciate all the writing you do and how dedicated you are. On my more busy days, when I check my email for job stuff, I see alerts from the blog and I get pretty excited. Gonna try to sit down and browse all the posts when I do get a chance/

  2. The Game Awards 2018 is going to be absolutely awful with nothing interesting. Calling it now.

    You can tell since Fortnite gets to keep continually appearing.

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