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Jan 222020

Kingdom Hearts III’s Re:Mind DLC is almost here. It will officially be available tonight at midnight.

Ahead of the DLC launch, the 1.09 update is also available.

This update includes adjustments to cutscenes in the main game, mainly along the lines of improving lighting and animations, changing some camera angles, more focus on characters like Riku during the ending, etc. So don’t worry about missing any story content if you’ve already played (although the updated cutscenes can be watched in theater mode).

It also adds Oathkeeper & Oblivion (unlockable if you’ve found all of the Lucky Emblems and finished the game on Critical Mode, respectively), new forms, and new abilities.

But for me, the most exciting Kingdom Hearts III news of the day is the “13 Questions of Darkness” Q&A posted on Twitter and translated by Goldpanner.

After going through some general information about the free updates and Re:Mind, including the decision to put the Final Fantasy characters in Re:Mind’s story and the debate about whether or not a certain member of the New Organization XIII should be included among the limit cut bosses, it moves on to the amount of content in Re:Mind.

According to this interview, while a new world was initially considered for Re:Mind before they decided it would feel strange to add it in, the total content included in Re:Mind is equivalent to “more than one world’s worth of content.”

Then it gets into the most interesting parts of all. Re:Mind’s title screen “serves as a piece of foundation” for the next Kingdom Hearts game, which they’re already working on. There are also two more teams working on Kingdom Hearts in addition to the KH3 and KHUX teams, and one of them has a title “coming surprisingly soon.”

A surprising KHUX announcement is also set for tomorrow.

This has spurred all sorts of speculation about the new title coming out. It’s not a mainline title, but that still leaves open a lot of possibilities. Some people think it’s just a port to another system, while others think it might linked to the KHUX team’s announcement and be a full console version of KHUX.

Personally, that’s what I’m hoping for, since the KHUX story is too good (and important) to be confined to a mobile game forever. Whatever it is, I’m excited for both Re:Mind and all the upcoming Kingdom Hearts announcements!

Update: They’ve also tweeted this new artwork, which suggests the KHUX news might be linked in some way to Young Xehanort.

What do you think the KHUX team is going to announce? What do you expect from the non-mainline title from one of the new teams? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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