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Jan 192022

2022 is the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series, and a special anniversary celebration has now been announced.

The Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event will take place on April 10 in Tokyo and feature a mini concert, a developer Q&A, and more.

It doesn’t sound like they’ll be streaming it, but rather a video will be made available later.

So, could a new Kingdom Hearts game be announced at this event?

In an interview back in 2020, with the details translated by KH Insider here, Nomura said they hoped to deliver good news for the series in 2022.

Don’t forget that multiple Kingdom Hearts games were in development in 2020, too. Dark Road and Melody of Memory came out since then, but that still seems to leave an unknown entry.

There is good reason to believe a Kingdom Hearts game will be announced this year, but on the other hand, an anniversary event that isn’t being livestreamed might not be where they’d reveal it. We might have to wait a little longer for that news.

(Maybe they’ll announce the date for the final Dark Road update, though, since it missed its initial 2021 estimate.)

Do you think there will be any announcements at the April 10 Kingdom Hearts anniversary event? If not there, do you think a new game in the series will be announced this year?

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