Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jul 152020

(But not by me.)

Tales of Crestoria, the new mobile Tales game set to be released this year, is now available to be installed on iOS and Android devices ahead of its release.

Although it was originally planned for a June launch, it was delayed. There’s still no official release date, but Bandai Namco says it will be out in “the near future.” Since it’s currently undergoing maintenance for its launch, it should be coming soon.

Some players’ pre-loads reportedly say it will be available July 22, but there’s conflicting reports. Since July 22 is Bandai Namco’s upcoming showcase, they might announce its release there.

Update: It turns out the answer was July 16. Tales of Crestoria is out now!

I’m not a big fan of mobile games, but since Tales of Arise has been delayed and Tales of Crestoria has its own original story, I was going to check it out. Unfortunately, when I went to the App Store to pre-load it, I was greeted by the message that it isn’t compatible with my tablet.

So no Tales of Crestoria for me, at least not anytime soon.

If you’ve got a compatible device, though, you can pre-load the game now. Are you planning to play Tales of Crestoria?

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  1. I’m tempted, but my phone memory is getting pretty full and I’d have to start deleting things.

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